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Some of Success Stories of our customers

The success of our service is the satisfaction of our customers. Read our success stories here and find out what experiences our customers have had with Prop Mystics.

Mr. Santosh Dalvi & Dr. Trupti Nikam
We were residing in Mumbai and wanted to buy a property (home to live) in pune. I connected with Kapil and gave him the idea about our dream house . He was constantly connecting and informing us about the premium projects. But we were adhere to our dream home and was searching for the same through his eyes. Finally he found exactly the same project , we liked the pics and videos , we saw the project in a video call and then visited in person. We loved it at first sight and happily owned it. Kapil don’t just sell the property but he make complete justice with your expectations , intentions and dreams. He welcomed us warmly everytime we met to see the properties. He was present at each and every legal documentation procedures for hours together till the things were sorted.

Mr. Manoj Nair
​I have been staying in Pune all my life so had very specific preferences for a real estate project. After looking at over 30+ projects, working with numerous CP's, i stumbled across Kapil through a family friend. It didn't take much time post that to book a house with his help that we were looking for. With the budget cap we had, along with location and project specifications, it was the perfect fit for me. Rapport with Kapil transcends beyond professionalism, from Day 1 until today, he has always gone beyond his responsibilities to personally streamline any obstacles we have stumbled upon. Highly recommend KD as a Realtor & his services!!

Mr. Manish Sharma
We visited Pune in Oct 2021. Having lived in Mumbai for 50 years, moving away from the fast-paced city life post retirement was a dream we wanted to nurture and bring to fruition. Looking up the net, we came across Kapil Dadhich. He promptly provided us with resources and support for a smooth and pleasant experience in buying twin bungalows at Vaarivana, Urse. He conducted his work thoroughly and efficiently throughout the browsing of properties, zeroing in on the project that suited our requirements and expectations, our budget, negotiations and finally the signing of documents. His ability to communicate effectively to ensure our satisfaction contributes to his success in his field of expertise. His knowledge and experience belies his age. His patience and warmth is endearing which allowed us minimal worries during the stressful time of decision making. I highly recommend him and his services to everyone with utmost confidence.

Mr. Shubham Shinde
I was searching for a home in Pune for more than 4 months but couldn't find my dream home within my budget. One fine day I came across Kapil. He understood my requirements and was constantly communicating the projects within the criteria. As we visited multiple projects, his experience and knowledge were invaluable in helping me finalize the project. He was with me during every step of the legal process. We will always be grateful to him for helping us find our dream home.

Architect Kalyani Kawale
Basically my father in law got us connected  with Kapil to search home in pune, and one fine day we called him up to meet in person to show us options of the properties. Kapil has been so prompt and active throughout and understood our requirement overall very well. Also he holds ample of knowledge about the construction and phases of construction.me being an architect,in this engaging journey we also shared knowledge otherwise as Kapil showed the enthusiasm to learn more about the construction and design industry. I would highly recommend him if anyone is looking for property with ease in process.

Mr. Sanket Ghodake
I am a first-time home buyer. I had no idea about the process whatsoever when I first started taking a look at homes, or what to expect throughout the process. Through my friend I got reference of Mr.Kapil Sir. Mr. Kapil is so down to earth and soft spoken. The amount of effort and time he put into walking me through the process is unbelievable. We went through many certified professional developers projects. And finally I found one dream home. Mr Kapil is always available and there for you with any kind of support and help needed throughout home buying process. He guided me in a right way and helped me to obtain my dream house. I would highly recommend Channel Partner - Prop Mystic Pvt.ltd —-Kapil Dadhich to anyone looking to purchase home for sure

Mr. Sujit P
​Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value, Quality are the The most crucial qualities you look for in a real estate agent are professionalism, responsiveness, value, and quality, and for those reasons, I heartily recommend Property Mystic to help you find your dream house. They are extremely professional and helpful. In Pune, we were looking for a house, and it was exhausting to do it all by ourselves. This is when we met Kapil. He came to see us, got understanding of our requirements, and filtered out the best properties that were out there based on what he learned. He performed our site tours with the utmost professionalism, and he also assisted us in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each property. He conducted in-depth study and assisted us in understanding any property-related lawsuits. Kapil, in addition to assisting us in selecting the ideal home, Kapil also assisted us in answering our questions throughout the way in a short span of time. He is a true property matchmaker if, when he says "aap tension mat lo," he truly means it.

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