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Real Estate Consulting

Our experts can help you turn significant and complex real estate issues into commercial opportunities. We offer you the skills, information & strategic planning that enables you to make wiser decisions. We educate clients on the many real estate investment options-present a market analysis, and then offer them a range of options for secure & dependable income.

Legal Consultation

The Property Mystic also offers legal advice to clients on relevant area of laws like registration & stamp procedures. We also offer guidance on licensing and regulatory approvals- legal advice & documentation handling for the acquisition- lease / sale /mortgage of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential property.

Vaastu Consultation

Vastu shastra "the ancient architectural science" its geomatric principles always guides us while constructing or buying any property or space. Our experts provide guidelines for a pleasant way of life as Vaastu has a big role to play, from the foundation to interior & exterior layouts of a building along with windflow & sunlight ratios arrangements.

After Sales Consultation

Our relationship managers will always be willing to exert more efforts after the transaction than we did during it. We have built a strong reputation because of our commitment to provide excellent services and painless after-sale support. We will take care of all the procedures, including moving in and meeting legal requirements making sure that your moving experience is memorable.

NRI Assistance

Hassle free expreince is a must while catering NRI investors, with a wide range of tailored options to make investment worthy and comfy our expert team analyse the risk and return portfoio and always manage the service pack of Estate investments.

Home Loan Consultation

In order to maximize wealth - a stock or asset, true value of which only gets detrmined if financing process is balanced Property Mystic experts who have a wide range of knowledge and experience who guide and give proper advice to clients on sources of financial assistance suitable of Residentials & commercial propeties.. [[where The ideal payback term of 10-20 years can be chosen on your consent- to make EMI payments]]

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